About Us

WAIN stands as a beacon of industrial innovation, renowned for its mastery over electrical, signal connection, and processing technologies. Our brand portfolio encompasses a wide array of connectors and holistic solutions, including the integration and design of wire harness systems. Predominantly, our offerings include 75% standard products alongside 25% tailored solutions, designed to meet the needs of applications ranging from PCB data connections to comprehensive large-scale equipment systems. Our expertise is finely tuned to meet various technical demands, such as data transmission rates, electromagnetic interference, sealing, resistance to chemical corrosion, and durability against extreme conditions like temperature fluctuations, pressure, vibration, and wear.

Established in 2005, WAIN's operational hub is located in Xiamen, Fujian, China, sprawling over a 70,000 square meter state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. (Explore our manufacturing facility via this link.)

Renowned for exceptional quality, cost efficiency, swift delivery, and cutting-edge technology, WAIN is deeply committed to the entire product lifecycle, driven by an unyielding passion for innovation and a forward-thinking approach to new technologies and market demands.

Our strategic operational models have been pivotal to our success:

"ALL IN ONE" Production Model: Our integrated manufacturing process encompasses every aspect of production, from mold creation to the final assembly, boasting nearly 100% in-house component manufacturing. This comprehensive approach includes molding, injection molding, stamping, die casting, machining, painting, electroplating, and automated testing. With a focus on innovative processes and a dedicated team for automation and digital development, we guarantee unparalleled product quality and value.

"UNTOUCH" Production Philosophy: Launched in 2015, this revolutionary concept is tailored for the efficient handling of small batches and multi-specification production, ensuring zero manual contact throughout the manufacturing cycle. This strategy underlines our commitment to quality, highlighting our capabilities in automation, sensory technology, online testing, visual inspection (CCD), and IT integration.

Digital Transformation: Our adoption of sophisticated IT technologies and tools, such as PLM, ERP, WMS, QMS, MCD, MES, CRM, and more, has radically enhanced our operational efficiency across product development, manufacturing, and sales. This digital overhaul has enabled us to formulate replicable internal standards for management, significantly speeding up mass production and optimizing cost management strategies.

"8395" Delivery Promise: We are committed to delivering 85% of our standard products within three working days and 95% of our custom products within five working days.

Competitive Edge in Development: Our in-house mold manufacturing cycle is streamlined to 30 days from design to assembly, securing us a cost advantage of over 30% against market competitors.

Global Reach, Local Presence: Catering to over 15,000 customers worldwide across sectors such as industrial automation, telecommunications, energy, automotive, rail transit, and many more, WAIN has solidified its global presence. With over 20 direct offices or subsidiaries across China's major cities and an international network spanning Germany, Singapore, the United States, Japan, Korea, and beyond, we ensure prompt, face-to-face service within 8 hours.

WAIN is synonymous with industrial excellence, with a proven track record of identifying client needs, transforming these into innovative products, creating competitive advantages through efficient mass production, and spearheading technical advancements throughout the product development lifecycle.

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